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The Official Website of Donald H Sullivan


        Bringing you escape from the world of reality



A few stories selected from my short story collections

Click on the story of your choice:


Secrets of a Psycho

Spirit of Drusilla


The Rattlesnake

Temple of Eden

The Black Star

The Hands of Fate



About Me and the Website


I'm a native Floridian, I was born and grew up in St. Augustine. I'm Minorcan from my mother's side (Capella aka Capallia) and Irish from my father's side. I am now retired from the US Army and Federal Civil Service. I currently reside in North Carolina with my wife.I collect old music from the thirties on into the seventies. My musical tastes run from C&W to R&B to rock & roll to easy listening. I love hiking, swimming, gardening, and dogs.Politically I'm an Eisenhower centrist. Liberals think I'm too conservative; Conservatives think I'm too liberal.If I were in a deck of cards, I would be the Joker or some other wild card. I like women who enjoy being women. I don't choose my friends, I let them choose me. Since retiring I don't miss work. Not at all.


I started this site (originally called "Sullivan's Short Stories") as a showcase for my own work. Later, I included stories from guest authors to add variety. I enjoyed providing a showcase for the work of other writers, but I eventually had to give it up simply because I had more projects than I could handle. However, I will still publish links to other's poems and stories.  Send them to  I also had a writer's forum that I had to abandon.


Many have said that my stories remind them of pulp era stories.   Just a few Of My Favorite authors: A.E. van Vogt, Robert A, Heinlein, Andre Norton, Leigh Bracket , Dean R. Koontz, John Saul, and Sterling Lanier.

Please let me know what you think of the site, or if you have any questions email me at


My books are available at Riverok Books and Amazon


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About My Books


All of my books, up to now, have been either short story collections or novellas.  A novella can usually be read in a few hours.  The advantage of a novella is that it's long enough to get into the story, but not so long as to keep the reader turning pages up until the wee hours.  

I am what is known as a "multi genre" writer;  that means that I write all types of stories, including scifi, thrillers, historical, animal stories, and mainstream.                                                                



A few excerpts from my books

Click on the excerpt of your choice:


The Psionic Man

Turnbull's Slaves


Frankenstein and the Zombies



Links to Interesting Sites


Here's a list of my Books:


In Both Paperback and Ebook

Chillers   (horror)

Tales of Wonder  (fantasy )

Terrific Tales of Scifi and Space Opera 

Tales of Suspense and Mystery 

The Psionic Man  (Scifi) 

Taino  (historical adventure) 

The Werewolf of Misty Valley  Plus Frankenstein and the Zombies

Turnbull's Slaves  (historical romance-adventure)

Three Amazing Tales  (scifi, horror, & fantasy)

Our Canine Companions Featuring Whiskers

Marxism and Political Correctness  (commentary)

Vietnam: Reflections of an Interrogator  (Memoir)

Ebooks, Novella Length

Whiskers (Dog-adventure)

The Soul Hunters (Horror)

The Magical Earth (Scifi-fantsasy)

The Werewolf of Misty Valley (Horror)

Why I am not an Athiest (Commentary)

Naked Ladies, Space Aliens, and Rattlesnakes

These books are available at Riverok Books and most are available at Amazon






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